A Guide to Urethral Play And Penis Plugs

A Guide to Urethral Play And Penis Plugs

Every person has different sexual appeals. Here we are talking about Urethral play or also called urethral sounding. Though it has risks of infections and sexual problems, when performed perfectly, it will be sexually satisfying for pleasure. Here we are exploring urethral sound and penis plugs. Read on to comprehend everything about the terms, effects, and precautions.

What is Penis Plug?

A penis plug is a short toy to be wedged into the urethra at the nerve ending to reach high in sexual experience. They are designed to be won for short or long periods. Its size can be between 1 to 4 inches long. These are either made up of metal or glass that has to be entered into the gaping of the penis. This practice is also called sounding.

To be precise, it is a toy penis for that can utilize for pleasure. The practice gets to explore their or their partner's penis, specifically for inner pleasure,  areas that  cant be explored otherwise.


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Types of penis plugs differ by size, material, and classification.

The most expected classes are:

  • Plunges have a hollow opening at the end or can, also called a hoop, near them, which only stuck an inch into the urethra.
  • Catheters are more medical instruments used for treatments or so.
  • Sounders are longer ones and are able to go deeper into the urethra.

Further, these toys are made of various materials like titanium which are not flexible and a bit heavier; stainless steel and silicone are more flexible but can't go on their own within the urethra.

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What is Urethral Play?

The procedure of putting a sex toy into the gaping of the urethra may be, for a shorter or longer term, comprehended as sound, into the urethra. The term has many assortments like catheter fetish or cock-stuffing. It is also explained as sounds and other terms, such as bougies. Sounds are obtainable in many lengths, figures, and arrangements to encounter diverse necessities.

The sentiment of urethral sounding is getting an orgasm while masturbating and installing a toy in the urethra. Your urethra will get sensitive as an individual is touched from the inside, which feels weirdly great.

What are the Advantages, and Why do Individuals Prefer Those?

As far as health is concerned, there are no advantages of urethral sounding. The major reason is sexual fulfillment which is growing nowadays too much to have. It is better for depression, and anxiety, making individuals happier about their sexual life. However, everyone has a distinct level of sexual satisfaction. Every individual has tons of nerve endings to be prompted.

A person's sexual preferences, perceptivity to discomfort, and vulnerability to partaking in it can all impact how it deems them. Moreover, it depends on the length of the toy, which works differently for someone; if the bigger size hurts, one can replace it with the smaller one, which can also feel increasingly satisfying.

There is some precaution to be taken care of:

Cleaning the toys before sounding, proper size, gentle play, immediate medication of expert's help in case of injury or unexpected results.

A question can also be if urethra size is affected by the toy. No, it won't, as far as a person is practicing once in a considerable time duration.

Some Major Risks to be Assessed

Using a toy might cause a cut inside, which leads to bacterial infection within the urethra.

Damaging the tissue in case using a device with harsh textures, may get tightened inside or in the midpoint, which possible could be the reason for not using proper lubricants.

Simple Steps Guide for Urethral Sounding

  • Start with cleansing everything - toy with the hot water, and genital and hands with unscented soap. Let it dry all.
  • Then applying lubricant to the plug and the rob, which is the one that suits your skin.
  • Start inserting a plug into the urethra in a half-erect penis; hold your willy in one hand and open it delicately.
  • Go slowly! Don't push it in hard if you experience intimidation or hustle the toy via the urethra. Some weighty toys, like steel or titanium plugs, glide in on their own.
  • Once getting relaxed with how distant it's in, try pushing it in a few directions to notice what suits you best. Try to drag it out and out that too gently.
  • Once you are complete with the play, pull over the toy delicately from the urethra, don't rush.
  • Once it is completely out, you can pee to terminate any unwanted bacteria.
  • Wind up everything by absolutely washing everything.


Sounding can be an amusing part of the sex life. One can explore it alone or with their partner to explore the deeper pleasures that were never going to get otherwise. One can probe the sizes, textures, shapes, girth, and material. Though one has to be entirely sure to try, and it also has to take the consent of everyone implicated in the training. Everyone has to be cognizant of the side effects, major, diseases, tools, precautions, and all other related stuff.


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