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Kegel Balls


Why Kegel Balls? Men & Women.

You may have to do your Kegels, or pelvic floor exercises, for 12 weeks before you notice a real improvement.

You need to squeeze and lift, as if you’re holding in wee and wind at the same time.

When you’re first starting Kegel exercises, finding the right set of muscles can be tricky. One way to find them is by placing a clean finger inside your vagina and tightening your vaginal muscles around your finger.

You can also locate the muscles by trying to stop your urine mid-flow. The muscles you use for this action are your pelvic floor muscles. Get used to how they feel when they contract and relax.

However, you should use this method for learning purposes only. It isn’t a good idea to start and stop your urine regularly, or to frequently do Kegel exercises when you have a full bladder. Incomplete emptying of the bladder can raise your risk for a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Talk with your Gynecologist if you still aren’t sure you’ve found the right muscles. They may recommend using an object called a vaginal cone. You insert a vaginal cone into the vagina and then use your pelvic floor muscles to keep it in place.

Biofeedback training can also be very useful in helping to identify and isolate your pelvic floor muscles. In this procedure, a doctor will insert a small probe into your vagina or put adhesive electrodes on the outside of your vagina or anus. You’ll be asked to try to do a Kegel. A monitor will show whether you contracted the correct muscles and how long you were able to hold the contraction.

Finding the pelvic floor muscles in men

Men often have the same kind of trouble when it comes to identifying the correct group of pelvic floor muscles. For men, one way to find them is to insert a finger into the rectum and try to squeeze it — without tightening the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs.

Another helpful trick is to tense the muscles that keep you from passing gas.

If you’re still having trouble, practice stopping the flow of urine. As with women, this is a reliable way to locate the pelvic floor muscles, but it shouldn’t become a regular practice.

Biofeedback can also help men locate the pelvic floor muscles. If you’re having trouble locating them on your own, you may want to make an appointment with your doctor.


Kegel balls can be specifically helpful after pregnancy or vaginal surgery, it can help tighten your vagina by simply investing a few minutes per day and strengthen your muscles too.

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