Ben-Wa Kegel | Steel Balls | Gold Duo-Tone

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Ben-Wa Kegel | Steel Balls | Gold Duo-Tone

It's the cats meow! The Cats Eyes Agitating Steel Love Balls come in a sturdy plastic case with foam insert. The .625" heavy steel balls float freely in your vagina helping you strengthen your pelvic muscles and increases orgasms. They will have you lapping up satisfaction!

Try these Gold Nen-Wa Balls. Ancient Chinese legend has it that women first inserted these pleasure orbs into their vaginas and spent hours rocking gently back and forth. They would eventually experience a subtly cascading orgasm of epic heights. Today, this same pleasure can be achieved using these beautiful gold ben-wa balls.

Ben Wa balls are also known as Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, Venus balls or Geisha balls. The gold Nen-Wa balls are small, marble-sized balls and they contain a small weight that rolls around and are used for sexual stimulation by insertion into the vagina. You can wear them as long as you please, all day if you like. Usage of Ben Wa balls creates a subtle stimulation, not meant to bring you to immediate orgasm but rather to tease. A great warm up for the evening ahead.

The gold Nen-Wa balls may also be used to simply increase the strength of the pelvic muscles - Kegel exercises. Ben-Wa balls are recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control. Mild urinary incontinence, such as that which occurs while coughing, laughing, or sneezing and occurs more often as women grow older, can be treated with Ben Wa balls.

So in other words you get to improve your health while you are enjoying the sensation of the gold Nen-Wa balls. The gold Nen-wa balls are packed in a small case that can be used for storage and travelling.

Inserting the balls is a relatively straight forward process:

Use lubrication on the balls to help them glide in. Don't use more than you need to as you don't want the balls to slide out again. Lay down if you haven’t done this before, then insert the balls into the vagina while in a relaxed position. Hold the balls inside the vagina by tensing your leg muscles together and doing kegel exercises. Once they’re in you can sit up or move around depending on your ability. Women with more experience can insert them without having to lay down and keep them in while moving around the house or going out in public.


  • The Original steel love balls
  • Perfectly weighted
  • Non-chip gold tone
  • Clear plastic gift box or storage box

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