Masturbator value-kit

Exploring the sexual pleasure points is very important for the fulfillment of sexual satisfaction, and this value kit of vibrators is the complete package for your sexual needs.

R 2,145.00 R 2,499.00
R 595.00 R 999.00
R 495.00 R 999.00
R 6,995.00 R 12,999.00
R 7,995.00 R 12,495.00

The entire kit is prepared to have multiple sexual pleasure; finding new pleasure points is the great advantage of integrating this collection into your sex life

Say No To Partial Pleasures

Sometimes men in excitement don't get complete sexual pleasure and satisfy themselves with partial pleasures. This kit will no longer allow you to have partial satisfaction as it will give the complete adventure of your sexual enjoyment. The men sex toys collection will make every man go crazy and urge that ultimate feeling of sexual satisfaction.

Most Satisfying Collection

The masturabator kit offered by mysexshop will be more exciting and give a sensational sexual experience. The collection is more satisfying, and everything is under your control. The sexual pleasure and adventurous experience is something that anyone cannot deny. If you are not adding this to your sexual experience, you are majorly missing something.