Hands-Free Masturbators

Do you like going solo on your masturbation? Then MySexShop presents one of the best hands-free masturbators at affordable prices and premium quality in South Africa. But, before your start browsing through a wide range of products from our collections, here is a little brief discussion on what are hands-free masturbators, and why they are the best sex toys to choose for you?

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What are hands-free masturbators?

Solo sex is a fantastic feeling because of no performance pressure and superior orgasms without a partner’s need. What if a masturbator can replicate a real vagina, anal or even breasts for that matter? Hands-free masturbators can do precisely the same without compromising on the orgasms. Let’s look at three popular hands-free masturbator types in the market.

Vaginal Masturbators

Vaginal masturbators are a life-like replica of a real vagina. Often these masturbators come with enough support for your penis to have good strokes and thrust the penis with the best orgasms. 

Blowjob Masturbators

Love blowjobs? Why rely on a partner when you can get a hands-free blowjob device that offers ultimate orgasms without a partner’s need? Autoblow2+ is an excellent device that provides a remarkable blowjob experience that almost replicates a real-life session.

Anal Masturbators

Anal and prostate sex are simply amazing and with hands-free masturbators. MySexShop has some of the best hands-free masturbators for anal-based orgasms. 

Power Stoker(Optimum Power Masturball)

Do you love stroking? Then MySexShop brings a fantastic hands-free stroker with the Optimum Power Masturball. It comes with ten functions of vibrations and three suction compression modes to help you with more powerful stroking experiences. The device offers a completely customizable experience with a single flick of the switch. You can adjust the compression and sensations for ultimate orgasms. 

So, grab a hands-free masturbator from MySexShop, and have the best of solo sexual sessions!

Men may be experts in masturbation, but that doesn't mean they know all there is to know about getting off solo. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets in the world of toys is the male masturbator. Designed to do a much better job than the hand, a masturbator can have many surprising benefits.

Most masturbators contain a hollow channel lined with special textures and grooves to enhance each stroke, and many have a hole at both ends that can be covered for adjustable suction.

Strokers are given their name from the stroking motion associated with this small, handheld device. Many are manual, though some vibrate for added sensation. Most will have a textured exterior to maintain an easy grip, and some will be reversible. Strokers tend to be either anatomically correct with an opening that mimics a mouth, vagina, or anus, or non-anatomically correct, which can be easier for first time users or those looking for something extra discreet