How Can You Increase Libido In Women

How Can You Increase Libido In Women

Female Libido is another word of sexual desire or sex drive experienced in women. It variates according to the hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle and even during the day. Numerous factors affect the cause of low Libido, from which sleep during the day plays a vital role. Sleep is important to avoid issues with your health, productivity at work, and surely your sex drive. Below mentioned are a few aspects that can cause low Libido in women. 

Causes Of Low Libido

Below mentioned are the few reasons of women facing low Libido or sex drive. 

  • Sleeping disorders like insomnia during menopause or less sleep that makes you tires is a result of lack of sex drive.
  • Age factor also affects the libido level in women. Testosterone and androgen, which are sexual hormones in women, goes down with age, resulting in lower sex drive.
  • Stress, depression, anxiety, or mental issues can also cause tiredness, in turn lowering the Libido. It also affects the sexual relationship with your partner.
  • A few medications include lowering down Libido, including antidepressants or medicines for BP.   
  • Diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, or heart-related illness can also cause low Libido. The lifestyle of women, like smoking, drinking, or drug use, also has some effect on sexual drive.

What Is The Treatment?

Many women can get their sex drive back with a few treatments that are mentioned below. 

Visit Your Healthcare Provider 

Consider the health care provider your well-wisher. Before coming to any conclusions, consult your health care provider to understand the root of the problem. They would know if you have hormonal changes, if it is stress, lack of sleep, or any other reasons that are dragging you down your sexual desires and give you the solution for the same. 

Exercise More Everyday

Exercise is one of the best options to treat low Libido in women. Doctors might suggest doing yoga, walking, or pursuing the sport you like. In addition, some health care providers might suggest using Kegels that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that, in turn, contract when a woman experiences orgasms.  

Cope Up With Stress

Handling psychological factors like stress, anxiety, and depression positively can also treat low Libido. In addition, meditation and other healthy ways of managing these factors can quickly boost Libido in women.


Low sex drive is different to every woman, and there is a variety of boosters that help you solve the issue. Consulting your health care provider can be the easiest and safest option when you consider taking medications for low Libido

Talk To Your Partner About It

Having transparent and open communication with your partner can be helpful to many women. Any kind of relationship differences or pressure of performing well during sexual intercourse can also afeect your sex drive. An honest conversation between the partners and stating the expectations like having prolonged foreplay, some dirty talk, or spicing up your sex life can boost the sexual desire in women.  

Get Enough Sleep

A hectic lifestyle, along with the stress of work, relationships, and social events, can cause tiredness and fatigue. A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep in a day is essential to function usually the entire day. A typical day with enough rest and a good mood can lead to an increase in sexual desire in the human body.

Sex Education And Counseling

Sharing your thoughts and issues with a sex therapist is also a solution to your problem. You can address your sexual concerns or relationship problems with the consultant and get a neutral solution to your issues. For example, the consultant can suggest you to take sex education that includes increasing the sexual desires and responses during sexual intercourse. With the help of couples’ counseling, you can increase the feeling of intimacy and desire between you and your partner, in turn boosting your sex drive. 

Hormone Therapy

Hormonal changes in women can play a significant role in lowering down the sex drive. Usually, hormonal changes are during the menstrual cycle, which are temporary, and during menopause which might stay for an extended period. Your health care provider would suggest you to replace the hormones for a pleasurable sex life. You can choose hormone replacement therapy for the problem. 


There are a huge number of solutions and treatments that can increase your Libido. Every woman's body is different, and which method or therapy works best for you is known after experimenting with it one by one. If you feel that medications will be the most straightforward option, understand that psychological, emotional, and relationship issues will not be sorted with medications. It will have to be solved with therapies and treatments.


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