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Smooth Glide Anal Relaxing Spray | 20ml

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Smooth Glide Anal Relaxing Spray | 20ml

While your partner is ready for some anal sex and has some fingerplay to stimulate your senses, the muscles remain tight. So, when you go for that anal sex session, there is pain. Everyone loves some sweet pain of anal sex, but tighter ass can lead to excruciating pain sometimes. Here, an anal relaxing spray comes to your rescue. It is excellent for your anal muscles to relax before that sexual session. 

Smooth Glide Anal Relaxing Spray is explicitly designed to provide superior muscle relaxations and protect the internal skin. It is a desensitizing spray for your anal areas with the goodness of natural aloe vera. It relaxes the anal muscles, reduces sensitivity, and allow comfortable penetrations. The spray helps enhance the entire anal sex experience with a painless act of love. 

When used with the Smooth Glide Silicone Lubricants, it can help create a smoother back and forth motion without damaging the anal's interior skin. You can use the Smooth Glide Anal Relaxing Spray by distributing three to four sprays onto the outer genital area.

Users need to test the tolerance of skin to spray. Especially if there is an allergic reaction, you need to stop using the spray. The best practice is to try it on the arm first. MySexShop ensures consumers get premium and safe products across South Africa with discreet shipping.

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