Dildos are the perfect toys to for reaching your ultimate climax, choose from a real-feel, glass or double dildos for extra enjoyment! Don’t be shy about enjoying your body, especially if you enjoy alone time with you dildo!

Using a Dildo with your partner

This can be a pleasant experience for both him and her and would do wonders for your sex life. To turn things up a notch, make use of a strap-on for extra fun & enjoyment and use lots of lube and of-course toy cleaner!


Once you’re fully warmed up, then it’s time to try out some of these very pleasurable techniques.

Deep Thrusting – When learning how to use a dildo, you’ll find that this technique for using your dildo is exactly how is sounds. Thrusting along the entire length of your vagina can provide intense stimulation, especially with a dildo that’s textured. Serious thrusting requires a toy with a core that’s firm enough not to bend; although, it doesn’t have to be rigid. Overly soft dildos can make this action more difficult, however. You might find heavily textured toys overwhelming. So opting for a smoother or wavy dildo may be more comfortable rather than one with intense ridges or bumps.

Short and Shallow – Most of the sensitive nerve endings exist in the first 1/3 of your vagina. So you don’t necessarily have to thrust deeply to get the most out of your masturbation session with your dildo. Short and rapid strokes mean your dildo isn’t barraging your cervix, and it might be easier on your wrists, too! Remember that just because you can insert up to seven inches of a dildo doesn’t mean that you have to. Instead, you can use the extra shaft length to get a better grasp on the dildo.

Rock It Out – Not everyone likes the sensation of thrusting. Just because a dildo might be relatively straight, doesn’t mean you can’t try other things. Rocking a dildo involves moving it back and forth. You’ll get sensation similar to thrusting, but it can also provide clitoral stimulation and extra stimulation around the vaginal opening. Rocking works best with dildos that have a little give such as those made of soft silicone or with toys that are curved and intended for dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Keep on Turning – There is an entire category  of dildos known as ‘juicers’. They come with cranks and you turn them around after they’re inserted. Most dildos will work with this motion as long as there isn’t a sharp angle that might be uncomfortable.

Milk the G-Spot – When you milk your G-spot using your dildo, you’ll drag a dildo across it as you pull outward. You can push the dildo against the anterior wall of your vagina as you slide it back inside before pulling it out once again. You’ll get intense stimulation when using rigid toys made from glass, wood or metal. You can also use a similar technique when stimulating a man’s prostate. If you are having trouble finding your G Spot then try out G-spot dildos.

Filling Feeling – You don’t need motion for a dildo to feel you. You can simply find one that feels comfortable when inserted and keep it where while you stimulate your clit to orgasm. The toy can enhance your orgasm even as it remains in the same place.

Temperature Play – If you’ve ever reached for a glass or steel dildo and your body practically went into shock because it felt so cold upon insertion, you might have warmed it up to make things more comfortable. Temperature play is simply the act of changing the temperature of a toy. A cold dildo dragged across your nipples might be tantalising. While you might find yourself relaxed enough to take a larger toy if the surface has been warmed.

You can do this by placing your waterproof toys in a bowl of warm or cool water or simply in the stream of water from your faucet. Glass, steel and ceramic are especially responsive to temperature changes. Silicone will respond nominally, and wooden dildos don’t offer much when it comes to playing with temperature.  You can even microwave or toss a damp cloth in the freezer. Make sure to check the temperature with your hand before you insert any warmed or cooled toy, and never put your toy directly in the microwave. That’s a sure way to invite burns inside your vagina and on your vulva. Don’t forget that if you don’t have a dildo, you can always just use your fingers instead, using the techniques in this guide.


Before you write off a toy or technique, understand that it might work better in some positions, but not others. You’ve probably had to experiment with position and pillows to line up with your partner. The same is true when you are discovering how to use a dildo for maximum self pleasure. If you have a rounder tummy, shorter arms or lack flexibility, you might run into some hurdles when it comes to using dildos. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from finding what works for you. It’s the exact same philosophy you should have with choosing sex positions….

Lying Down – Many people naturally masturbate facing the ceiling. It might not have the greatest view, but it often works swimmingly. Try pulling your knees to your chest to vary the angle and to provide more G-spot stimulation. You can also place a pillow beneath your hips or butt for easier access.

Facing Down – Alternatively, you can lie face down. If you have longer arms, you can reach over your back to thrust a dildo, or you can reach below you if that works better. Consider placing a pillow for support under your hips to raise your butt into the air for a better angle.

Sideways – Lying on your side with your legs pressed together can make your toy feel larger. It can also be easier than masturbating when face down. You can keep your legs straight or bend your knees to change it up.

Sitting – We don’t just mean sitting with your feet flat on the floor. You can prop them on a wall, desk or table in front of you to offer unrestricted access with your dildo. This position also works well if you’re enjoying visuals on the screen in front of you.

Riding Your Dildo – Suction cup dildos offer a lot of options, too. You can stick them to your shower wall for hands-free stimulation. That’s both clean and dirty or affix them to your coffee table and straddle them from above. This also leaves a hand or two free for clit stimulation.


Ignore the Instructions – Sex toy makers often brand G-spot toys with pink or purple packaging for women. While toys with nearly identical shape come in black or blue for men (for prostate stimulation). Ignore the gendered stereotype if you think a toy intended for anal usage might become your G-spot’s new best friend. You don’t have to follow the suggested use for a toy. If you like running a textured dildo against your clit with your legs close, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t! It’s exactly that type of experimentation that’s going to help you find the best techniques that work for you and your dildo.

What If You Don’t Like It? – Don’t stress if a certain technique never feels good. Even if your best friend swears by using a dildo hard and fast, it might not be your cup of tea. Furthermore, your own body can respond differently for a variety of reasons. One day you might love milking the G-spot while the next it might feel irritating. Menstrual cycle, stress, fatigue, illness and your level of arousal all play into how good – or poor – a specific dildo or technique can feel.

Experimenting with a variety of techniques and positions means you can switch to something more gentle. If your cervix is particularly sensitive or you discover new ways to pleasure yourself so masturbation doesn’t become stale or routine. You can also surprise a partner by introducing new techniques and toys – if he or she is comfortable with them – into the bedroom. You might become a better lover or be able to explain how your partner can better satisfy you after trying these tips. Almost all of these techniques can translate to a real live penis or vibrator. But you don’t need any extras to have plenty of fun with a regular dildo whenever you have a few moments to yourself!

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