Shop adult sex toys online at Africa’s Sexxxiest Online. We stock a large range of premium brand dildos, vibrators, & c-rings. We’re truly the home of affordable sex toys.

At My Sex Shop, you’re guaranteed to find the most competitive pricing online. We buy directly from our manufacturers to bring you even lower prices. But most of all, we make sure your order is handled in the most discreet manner & always on time. Giving you peace of mind when shopping online!

The basics of using your toys

Practice using a quality lubricant with your toys at all times. Choosing a trusted lube ensures safety and maximum pleasure. Although vaginal lubrication occurs naturally during arousal, not all women produce the same amount of lubrication. This is completely normal. Concerned? Here’s an informative guide on lubrication.

Caring for & cleaning your toys

Use a good toy cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe your toys. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before and after use. After enjoying the benefits of your new toy, it’s crucial to clean the device to ensure you and your toy remain hygienically clean. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a yeast or bacterial infection.

Now that we’ve learned a bit more about sex toys and all the responsibility that comes with it, it time to choose the right sex toys to hit the right target.


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