Your Guide to Fetish Role playing

One of the first things to realise about adding or incorporating role-play into your bedroom is that we, as lovers and/or play partners, already play a role. The concept of playing a role that is other than the one you prescribe to in your daily life is a difficult one to trace. One could argue that the concept of playing another role or acting can be traced back to the Ancient Greek plays by Sophocles and other great minds around 400 BC ( Given the personal nature of adding role-play to the bedroom or a play scene it is difficult to determine when it entered the bedroom arena. To clarify for this article I am referring to the act of playing a specific role for the purpose of sexual excitement and/or fetish or kink activities. I am not referring to playing such games as Dungeons and Dragons or Live Action Role Playing games. Though, as a role-player of those games I will be discussing how those can very easily fit into your play scenes later. For the purpose of this article we are going to define “role-play” as two or more people choosing to take on a different role or identity to act out a sexual or fetish fantasy or engage in a sexualised activity.

Role Play Safety

This, along with any other fetish activity requires a quick debriefing regarding safety. If the particular fantasy you are acting out requires tools, toys or physically intensive acts remember to employ any of the safety tips we’ve suggested. If you’re going to be flogging someone know where to flog them, how hard and what are they warning signs of flogging incorrectly.Another key thing to incorporate into your role-playing is a safe word. If you and your partner are choosing to act out a kidnap or rape fantasy it is very important to have a safe word that either of you can use at any time to break the scene. In these particular instances begging for your partner to stop may be a part of the scene so it is very important for it to be something neither of you would say.

Close Out Your Role Play Right

Role-playing is a great way to spice up your love life and a great way of incorporating multiple partners into your play. This key, as always, is safety. Safety can be achieved through trust and open communication. It’s very important to touch base with your partner after a role-play scene. It’s good to know what really got them going, what was pushing their boundaries, what they liked and did not enjoy but put up with. By doing this and keeping track the two (or three or four) of you can explore and expand your boundaries safely. This is closer to what I had mentioned in the introduction. This is for those who like to role-play and for those who like to role-play. If you and your partner have always dreamed about having your two Vampire characters go at then this group is perfect for you and me. Because I find that stuff unbelievably sexy. As always, remember that this fetish or kink can come in many forms so explore and have as much fun as possible!

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