Value & Special Kits

From butt plugs to anal relaxers, there are many different forms of anal sex products that can help you take things to the next level. Let’s discover some essential facets of high value and special men’s anal kits.

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Butt Plugs

If you are looking for something that can help you achieve higher anal sensations, then butt plugs can be your first choice. Butt plugs are toys that can be enjoyed by anyone with an anus. These plugs have a teardrop design with a flat base to support the grip. 

Besides the different sizes and patterns, butt plugs also come with enhancers to make anal sex more fun. So, whether you choose a gladiator anal kit or a blue boy enhancer kit, there is much more than just a butt plug. Wondering what these high-value anal kits have? Let’s get to know some of them. 

The Ultimate Ironman

Achieve that super orgasm with the Ironman kit. It is a set of carefully chosen products that help create superior anal fun. It includes iron horse poppers, high-performance oil, and an excellently designed butt plug. 

Riding the White Horse

Enjoy a set of a butt plug, anal whitener, glide lubricant, and a glide cleaner. The white horse kit has everything that you need for power orgasm and ultimate anal sex. Take your partner to the heaven of orgasm or go solo with this fantastic kit. 

So, if you are looking for some anal sex kits that can help you achieve a superior experience, then MySexShop has the broadest range for you. Some of these kits have cleaners included in the set, making it easier for you to clean the butt plugs and other toys. We offer the best anal sex toys in South Africa with discreet shipping.