Rocks-Off is the UK’s leading toy manufacturer and designer. Now available in SA, the brand has transformed to be one of the preferred brands in SA.
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Who is Rocks Off?

Rocks Off are England's largest producer of toys, especially known for its bullet vibrators with incredibly powerful vibrations. In addition, the company produces both par-vibrators, rabbit vibrators, prostate vibrators, g-point vibrators and other types of clitoral vibrators, as well as a variety of other types of sex toys.

The company has a penchant for disguising their bullet vibrators as either bullet - ie cartridges - or lipsticks. Then they do not wake up unnecessarily, if they are spotted in the handbag, on the toilet furniture or the nightstand.

The company is also known for producing well-tested products, which have gained the greatest possible comfort in its use and that the design provides the best possible contact and stimulation of the erogenous zones for which they are designed.

The world's smallest bestseller in Toys 

Rocks Off may have the world's smallest bestseller in toys in their product range. Despite a modest length of just 80 mm, their RO-80mm bullet vibrator has sold staggering 5 million copies. The slightly larger Rocks Off 120 mm clitoris vibrator is well on its way to making the small, powerful vibrator bullet the art of.

The small Rocks Off vibrators are also available in special design versions such as. Rocks Off RO Chrome and Rocks Off RO Zen. The small vibrator bullets are really popular and many have many different models - so they never have to do without!

Large selection of anal and prostate vibrators

In addition to the small naughty bullet vibrators, Rocks Off also offers a large assortment of anal vibrators and prostate vibrators - the latter of course only for men.

Products like Rocks Off Naughty Boy and Rocks Off Cheeky Boy are famous for their powerful vibration and body-friendly design that makes it easy for even novice to hit the man's p-point precisely - with a powerful and very deep orgasm.

Par-vibrators and assortments 

Rocks Off also offer a large selection of par-vibrators, vibrator eggs, and vibrating pelvic floor balls, as well as penis rings with a clitoral vibrator and a variety of exciting products. Well-thought-out products in a beautiful and highly functional design that gives both the best conditions for a joyful, powerful orgasm.

Rocks Off also have a number of assortment packages - both with a wide range of toys for beginners and several different of their bullet and other vibrators assembled in a handy and most often very affordable package.

Unique registration number

All Rocks Off products use a skin-friendly medical silicone surface and are always - unless otherwise stated - 100% waterproof. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a good water-based lubricant with the products.

Each of Rocks Off's products is equipped with a unique identification number that allows you to trace back to those employees who have been responsible for the production and guarantee authenticity. Therefore, it must always be disclosed in connection with all warranty claims on the individual product.

Own production and development 

Rocks Off are one of the only European producers of toys that is responsible for all product development and production. Most other major brands usually buy for this in the Far East or the United States. But at Rocks Off, all development and production take place internally within the company, so there is always control over the quality and uniformity of the products.

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