Clitoral Vibrators

Learning the correct clitoral stimulation techniques is quite important to get the most out of our clitoral vibrators. This is a woman's sexual paradise and a gateway to unlocking your most orgasmic adventure yet!

Clitoral stimulation is what gets most women to climax, quick, easy and fast. Clit stimulation using vibrations are, in fact, the most preferred method of pleasure for women and our collection of clit vibes are simply a cut above the rest when it comes to quality and value for money.

Always use a good quality lubricant with your sex toy and clean well before and after use.

After reveling in post-climax bliss, it’s crucial to clean the device that sent you over the edge. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a yeast or bacterial infection.

Caring for & Cleaning your Sex Toys:

Use a good toy cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe the toy cleaner. For a deeper clean, soak in warm water for eight to 10 minutes. ONCE YOUR TOY IS SQUEAKY-CLEAN dry it off completely with a clean paper towel and store it in a case or silk bag to protect it from other bacteria-laden items.

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