Hands-Free Masturbators

Do you like going solo on your masturbation? Then MySexShop presents one of the best hands-free masturbators at affordable prices and premium quality in South Africa. But, before your start browsing through a wide range of products from our collections, here is a little brief discussion on what are hands-free masturbators, and why they are the best sex toys to choose for you? 

What are hands-free masturbators?

Solo sex is a fantastic feeling because of no performance pressure and superior orgasms without a partner’s need. What if a masturbator can replicate a real vagina, anal or even breasts for that matter? Hands-free masturbators can do precisely the same without compromising on the orgasms. Let’s look at three popular hands-free masturbator types in the market.

Vaginal Masturbators

Vaginal masturbators are a life-like replica of a real vagina. Often these masturbators come with enough support for your penis to have good strokes and thrust the penis with the best orgasms. 

Blowjob Masturbators

Love blowjobs? Why rely on a partner when you can get a hands-free blowjob device that offers ultimate orgasms without a partner’s need? Autoblow2+ is an excellent device that provides a remarkable blowjob experience that almost replicates a real-life session.

Anal Masturbators

Anal and prostate sex are simply amazing and with hands-free masturbators. MySexShop has some of the best hands-free masturbators for anal-based orgasms. 

Power Stoker(Optimum Power Masturball)

Do you love stroking? Then MySexShop brings a fantastic hands-free stroker with the Optimum Power Masturball. It comes with ten functions of vibrations and three suction compression modes to help you with more powerful stroking experiences. The device offers a completely customizable experience with a single flick of the switch. You can adjust the compression and sensations for ultimate orgasms. 

So, grab a hands-free masturbator from MySexShop, and have the best of solo sexual sessions!

Men may be experts in masturbation, but that doesn't mean they know all there is to know about getting off solo. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets in the world of sex toys is the male masturbator. Designed to do a much better job than the hand, a masturbator can have many surprising benefits.

Most masturbators contain a hollow channel lined with special textures and grooves to enhance each stroke, and many have a hole at both ends that can be covered for adjustable suction.

Strokers are given their name from the stroking motion associated with this small, handheld device. Many are manual, though some vibrate for added sensation. Most will have a textured exterior to maintain an easy grip, and some will be reversible. Strokers tend to be either anatomically correct with an opening that mimics a mouth, vagina, or anus, or non-anatomically correct, which can be easier for first time users or those looking for something extra discreet

Autoblow 2+ | Masturbator
R 3,695.00 R 4,799.00
Hot Water Face F******
R 2,095.00 R 2,695.00
Optimum Power Masturball | Calexotics
R 1,395.00 R 2,199.00
Main Squeeze Suction Cup Accessory
R 465.00 R 599.00
PDX Milk Me Silly | Combo Masturbator
R 15,595.00 R 20,219.00
PRIVATE | Tube Suction Base
R 295.00 R 419.00

What are masturbators? 

Male masturbators products are used to release the man without the use of a sex partner or, by himself. The simplest products are used manually, while the more sophisticated so to speak, do all the work for you either by vibration or by touching the penis.

The most advanced masturbation products for men are very realistically designed sex dolls - some of which are exact imitations of well-known pornstars both body and more intimate parts. They are equipped with built-in body heat, advanced vibration and the ability to work the same with various virtual reality equipment.

So from just covering inflatable dolls and the Fleshlights, masturbation products for men today are a much more varied and refined product category. Like sex toys in general, the products are also made in much higher quality and significantly better design than before - most often with soft surfaces in Cyberskin, which is a very similar imitation of real skin.

It is also possible to get masturbation products for anal use, which can give you a very special orgasm when stimulating the prostate, also called the man's p point.

 Goodbye to the old inflatable doll 

Today, inflatable dolls are usually the humorous feature of the teenager's 18th birthday or the guild. But where the inflatable doll was previously one of the few types of male masturbators products that could be bought for men, the product range today is much larger and considerably richer in variety.

However, the inflatable doll is still on the shelves and is available in addition to the classic version of plastic, also in more sophisticated versions with both a more realistic surface and trim.

Fleshlights - when lighting in the lamp 

Another of the classic masturbation products for men is the Fleshlight called such because of the lantern-shaped holster that you insert your penis into. The fleshlight originally emulated the female vagina but is available today in many different designs that also emulates both the anus and the mouth of those who turn on sex in other than the usual hole.

Textures and materials have been greatly improved and you can get fleshlights with different patterns and textures in the "lamp", as well as with very realistic imitations of the vagina, anus, and throat. Yes, it is even possible to buy versions designed as the more intimate parts of both known male and female pornstars.

Or how about a fleshlight disguised as another of the man's best friends: the canister. Yes, it does give a whole new meaning to the word!

 Connect eggs and other manual male masturbators 

Another popular category of masturbation products for men is the Tenga eggs, named after the Japanese manufacturer. These are small, egg-like masturbation products available with different textures, patterns and so on. The products are intended for single use, but with a good cleaning, they can easily be used several times.

Tenga has also produced several other famous masturbation products for men using both touch and vacuum as well as mechanical masturbators. Both the eggs and several of the other Tenga products have also won awards for their innovative design.

In addition to masturbation products from these two, well-known manufacturers, we also sell several other manual masturbators and vagina emulators. They are available in many different designs and functions.

 Autoblow and other male mechanical masturbators 

Are you tired of doing the work yourself - either with your right hand or one of the many manual masturbation products for men - we also offer several mechanical masturbators, such as the much-known and critically acclaimed Autoblow 2, which uses a special mechanical device can emulate a blowjob to perfection. In addition to this known model, there are several other mechanical masturbators in the category Masturbation Handjobs. 

Advanced sex dolls 

We cannot write about masturbation products for men, without getting into the highly advanced and very realistic sex dolls. The category consists of several different product types ranging from truly realistic imitations of the intimate female and male anatomy and to something close to sex robots that incorporate both body heat, advanced vibrators and remote control capability.

The latter type is also available in special editions designed as perfect copies of well-known pornstars - even in the most intimate places.

You can also get the very advanced masturbator Twekingbutt, which comes with virtual reality glasses where you can mount your mobile phone so you can watch 3D porn movies while the mastrubator does it, as it should. The feeling is perfect and the experience very realistic, even though the masturbator itself only includes the bottom and most necessary part of the female body.

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