Body Harness

Body harness works like a BDSM restraint and at the same time an element that can infuse fetish in partners. It is a piece of BDSM gear that is worn as bondage clothing or restraint at parts like the waist with an opening for the vagina or other erogenous zones. It is often made of leather and is secured over the body through strap-ons or buckles which may be one or two in quantity depending on the design.


There are many different types of body harnesses available for men and women in the market designed for ultimate fun. But if you are thinking that a body harness acts as a restraint for your partner, then that might be a little too much to expect. It does not restrain your partner and rather helps increase the fetish.

There are specifically designed straps and buckles that hold or restrict the arms and legs of your partner. At the same time there are variations that offer secure openings, and even hold other sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and others. These body harnesses often come in dark colors to create a visual fetish as well for BDSM activities. 

The best thing about body harnesses is the level of adjustments that you can make to fit perfectly into the body. So there is no slipping of the harness during the BDSM sessions. MySexShop brings the best body harness collections across  South Africa at the best prices. So, what are you waiting for? Fulfill your fetish by strapping your partner with a body harness