A vast array of exciting products awaits your personal selection! Grouped in easy to navigate pairings, these products really give you all the choices for your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure…step inside and browse the Apollo selection of toys for the sophisticated metro male!


At Amorous we also stock sexy underwear for men. Try our Apollo range.

We stock feather-light intimate wear from the Apollo collection. Some intimated wear comes with built in cock rings, or C-Rings. Stretching comfortably to suit your size our jocks show off what you have to offer with its bulge-enhancing close fit and universally-sized enhancement ring that grabs the base of the shaft to keep things plump. This rubber cock ring is attached to a tethered snap at the front of the pouch, and can be easily removed when desired, especially for easy cleaning.

Sexy lingerie isn’t just for women—men love strutting their stuff in sexy undergarments, too! So, surprise your lover with your neatly wrapped package. Enjoy being pawed at and disrobed.

Wanna show off your manhood in ordinary-looking undies? Yah, not so sexy is it? Penis ring-equipped boxers reveal your girth and length, and they’re sure to get your partner thinking dirty thoughts. A beautiful fabric also enhances touch and will make both you and your partner more likely to dig some action.