Bathmate Hydromax

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Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax premium pumps are always on Sale at My Sex Shop. At up to 40% below retail, we strive to always provide South African’s the best price on our best selling male pump.

If you’re looking for a high quality penis pump that delivers real results, trust Bathmate Hydromax. While most penis pumps rely on air, it turns out that it’s water which works best for your erection and growth!

Using the HydroMax Pump is straightforward. However it can get a little messy so you should stick to your shower. Simply fill the inside of the pump with water, press against your crotch and start pumping. See video’s provided in the product descriptions of all our available products!

HydroMax is specially contoured to fit your body. This creates a tighter and more secure seal than any other toy on the market! A tighter seal means the pump holds pressure better so you don’t have to do work as hard.

The tip features a special pressure valve. The valve allows water to leave the tube as you pump & prevents air from leaking inside. Simply push the small button in the valve once done. Which allows air flow inside and breaks the vacuum seal.

Trust The Best in Men’s Health – trust My Sex Shop & Bathmate Hydromax Premium Pumps & get the best price on men’s penis pumps online, right here.

Made in UK