Best Tips to Make Your Women Beg For Anal Sex

Best Tips to Make Your Women Beg For Anal Sex

Anal sex generally refers to anal intercourse, just like sexual intercourse. The difference here is men puts his penis in the anus of another person. Besides, people also prefer fingers, hands, mouth, and anal toys, which are available in a wide range of shapes, materials, and purposes.  

This is not a type of intercourse that every person enjoys. But it's the choice of the person. One can just try it, and boom, anal sex can do wonders for a person's pleasure.

Well, for women, there could be thought of comfort and safety for anal sex. But anal sex is very satisfying for women because the rectum shares a wall with the vagina, and the sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, which makes the sensation unique, stronger, and quite possibly orgasmic. According to a study, it found that 36% of women and 42 % of men have tried it. 

Before diving into the actual anal sex, anal orgasm for males and females can work for starters. But again, that is the individual's choice. Here in this blog, we will learn some useful tips about anal sex that will make your girlf friend beg about you.   

Set Up A Right Intention 

Adopt a belief that it is going to be fun and will have a massive amount of pleasure. This one could take time as it could be a new thing for your woman and may not even be her piece of cake. You can talk and tell her about the bests of anal sex. You can also give her a few chances to have anal sex. And prepare a nice environment around to be comfortable and enjoyable. Also, make sure the time before and after doesn't affect the experience.

Lubricants Can Help 

Lubricants can always be an easy way to start any sexual activity. There are various anal lubricants that help in comfortable penetration. Lubricants are explicitly produced to reduce friction during intercourse, and that is the reason why many sex toy manufacturers do recommend the usage of lubricants. Before you stick it in her ass, you slather on lube. It will create much difference and will make it easier for you to start.

Take It Slow 

Try to take it slow. Better to start with some hand work and use fingers instead of the phallus. Give her a chance to realize and be prepared in that way. And they will be all ready to accept what comes next. Also, on that note, just make sure that you just do not perform but react with moans or expressions so that she will know that it is mutual. Instead of performing behind her, try to move even forward at the time and make a few eye contact if so that she likes while this. 

Foreplay Can Work  

Foreplay can boost the experience of anal sex. Since it's also intercourse, foreplay to start could build up an intense environment, and she can get ready until. Also, foreplay is women's favorite, no matter what it leads to. It is the best activity to seduce her and make her feel not so different but a different pleasure to get with anal sex. 

Include Clit 

Make her part of the act in anal intercourse. For that, you can perform using fingers and more effectively with sex toys like clitoral vibrators, which have a wide range of options. You can pick her favorite so that she has the chance to get off, too. You shouldn't be the only one with an orgasm, after all.

Bring Impacts with Actions

Don't just get into it. Squeeze her ass. Slap her ass. Kiss her ass. Try everything that helps, you can explore her conformal and pleasure levels this way, and you can reach the pick arousing.   

Going In

First of all, use a condom for anal sex. Because of the increased chances of small tears in the anal cavity during anal sex, it is easier to transmit several STDs and infections, including HIV and hepatitis C. So the safe way is condoms. Then, if things get a little dirty, the mess will be on your condom and not on your dick. 

Rewards are Exciting 

On finishing up, don't just end up like that. Rewards can be most effective. You can do it with oral sex. That way, she would know you acknowledge her effort and patience for anal sex, especially when it's new for her. There could be other ways to reward you can dig deeper as you know her well, so choose the one.

End Note 

These are some of the best tips for anal sex a man can adopt to make his girlfriend beg for it. A few more important tips are to keep hygiene a priority, be sensitive about her needs, be safe throughout, and make sure she enjoys it actually. And this way, you can open the doors for the most amazing experiences in the future for you and your women.


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