Surprise Gift Kits For Her

Masturbation is not a topic that is related to a taboo or uncomfortable to talk about. Many of us are now exploring sexual expression, and that is why surprising your partner with an erotic gift is not a bad idea! There are many pleasure seekers and sex lovers that are not shying away from offering sex toy gift sets, and make sexual teasing more pleasant. 


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According to a sexologist for sexual wellness retailer ‘Lovers’, Marla Renee Stewart “With all the anxieties that we have had to face this year—racist attacks, pandemic, elections, workforce changes—a lot of people have lost their libido. It’s time to get back to bringing back all the good things that sex does for your body.

So, surprising your partner with a vibe or sex toy can be a great idea. But, if you are wondering what can be the best surprise erotic gift set for your partner, here are some amazing kits from the collection of MySexAShop.

Shunga Naughty Giftset

Shunga is known for its exquisite wellness and sex-related products. The Naughty kit from Shunga includes everything that you need to have that sexy session with your partner. It comes with  Toko Aqua Lube which helps your penetrative sex to be comfortable, and wet. A Dragon Virility Cream can help you maintain the erectile dysfunction issues through a stronger erect penis throughout the entire sexual session. Apart from that, you get G=spot arousal cream and clit-gel for super stimulations. 

Purple Pleasure Bondage Set

The purple bondage set is perfect if you want to explore the BDSM experience. It is best when your partner is comfortable with an adventurous sexual experience. The kit includes, 

  • 4 Piece Adjustable Wrist 
  • Ankle Neoprene Set
  • Inflatable Love Cushion
  • Deluxe Breathable Gag
  • Feather Tickler Free
  • Satin Love Mask

MySexShop offers an amazing surprise gift collection for your partner without worrying about the quality or safety of the sex toys. We offer the best of sex toy brands fused together for an amazing erotic gift set at attractive prices across South Africa.