Sex Machines

Imagine sex machines that can give you full satisfaction and can help you and your partner for a better sexual experience. We have such wonderful Sex Machines at My Sex Shop. They are easy to use and introduce you to a whole new and naughty world within satisfactory pleasure. Many of these sex machines you can use alone.

If you lack extra enjoyment for self-focus you can also enjoy our large selection of quality vibrators. Among other things, we have a lot of test winners you should not miss.

Sex machines are advanced sex toys that are able to bring about multiple, unforgettable orgasms for men and women. These automatic beasts might just be what you need to explore an extreme sexual experience that will have you cumming back for more each and every day.

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Always use a good quality lubricant with your sex machine and clean well before and after use.

After reveling in post-climax bliss, it's crucial to clean the device that sent you over the edge. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a yeast or bacterial infection. 

Caring for & Cleaning your Sex Machine:

Use a good toy cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe the toy cleaner. ONCE YOUR TOY IS SQUEAKY-CLEAN dry it off completely with a clean paper towel or air dry and store it in a case or silk bag to protect it from other bacteria-laden items.

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