Scandal - Bars, Wrists and Ankles

Scandal Fetish Lingerie

Sexual urges are not a matter of feeling shameful or judged by partners these days. Now couples like to experiment with their sexual sessions and create a more enhanced experience. So, if you are looking to have that kinky fetish of yours go to the next level, Scandal can be the best choice. 

Before you dive into the world of unique products from Scandal, here are some ideas that you can try for that kinky experience. 

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The Prisoner's Den

Sexual roleplay is a great way to express those hidden fantasies with your partner. Explore the unexpected by creating erotic situations out of typical scenarios. The first one that you can explore is by using the Scandal Collar Body Restraint. Get your partner in restraints, and let them be your prisoner, or you can yourself be the prisoner of your master.

Have a Scandal bar gag in your mouth while your partner spanks that tight ass of yours. Show some resistance while your partner fingers the anal. Now go all submissive to your master, and enjoy that blissful orgasm.

The Gothic Maestar

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then have your maestar some fun with sexy corsets, spanking, and old school sex. Get yourself a luxurious corset and cuffs set from Scandal. It will make you look that gothic beauty that your partner can't wait to embrace. Next, kneel before your maestar. Let your partner spank your ass with Scandal Paddle to have that ultimate stimulus. Restrain your maestar's biceps with Scandal's brocade cuffs, and go for it. Have your maestar teach you the best sex lesson ever.

Scandal is known for its BDSM accessories and fetish lingerie sets. Its packaging tells a story of desire and seduction. The collection includes restraints, harnesses, and sensory accessories. Each product features the signature Scandal design of red and black brocade.

So, if you are looking to go all Scandalicious, then MySexShop has the broadest range of premium products with discreet shipping across South Africa.