PVC-Latex For Him

Do you love brooding muscles and show your masculinity? Then MySexShop has the perfect range of premium products that will help your macho body to show every muscular curve and sexually attract your partner.

PVC or Latex are popular fetish materials. Other materials like leather, vinyl, and even rubber have been quite famous for their fetish. But latex fetish material is not that different from the PVC as most PVC lovers have a liking for the latex.


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It acts like a second skin and adjusts perfectly with your body curves. For men, their strong shoulders and bicep curls can be easily projected through such materials. PVC lingeries are highly glossy, tear-resistant, and supple the shapes of your body beautifully. There is a reasonable amount of stretch and great for garments like corsets, briefs, sexy vests, or even complete bodysuits. 

Latex is different from PVC, especially the manufacturing part. Latex is a natural material harvested from rubber plants. An extract from these plants forms the super glossy and super sexy material called Latex.

From wrestling suits to full body suits and those wet suites that can make your partner love you more, PVC and latex are among the most popular materials for men. You can choose to have some roleplay or even go erotic dancing for your partner. 

Take an example of the Svenjoyment Bottomless wrestler suit that comes with a zipper. Have some erotic foreplay, and let your partner unzip the doorway to an excellent blowjob or strip your suite to caress the bicep curls with some sexy toy or even spank on the ass. 

MySexShop presents the best of PVC and latex garments for the men to have that sexual experience. We offer discreet shipping and a wide range of premium products at affordable prices across South Africa.