Mack Tuff

A vast array of exciting products awaits your personal selection! Grouped in easy to navigate pairings, these products really give you all the choices for your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure…step inside and browse the Mack Tuff selection of toys for men! Every man has dreams and satisfying his partner is one of the biggest! This Collection provides men with the essential toys to satisfy everytime!


R 295.00 R 399.00

The MACK TUFF collection is part of the Nasstoys Brand.

Mack Tuff offers an assortment that will appeal to a broad spectrum of men looking to put together an affordable kit of bedroom gear.

The Mack Tuff Collection can turn even the cuddliest of teddy bears into stallions between the sheets,” said Kathryn Hartman, director of sales and marketing.

Every man wants to leave a lasting impression in the bedroom. He wants his lover to remember him with a smile,” says Kathryn Hartman, director of sales and marketing from Nasstoys “Mack Tuff toys are here to help men become that man. They will make you a more powerful performer for your partner whether you are the top, the bottom, or a guy who is more versatile.”

At Amorous we carry Cock Cages, Penis extenders, cock tie, and inflatable cocks from this collection.