Fantasy X-tensions - Wide Range of Sizes

Convert your penis into an instant pleasure-giving angel with the incredible Fantasy X-tensions. Be the man your partner always seeks, and provide ultimate pleasure with greater erections. Fantasy X-tensions are designed to be safe, affordable, and a non-surgical option to costly surgeries and enhancement pills. It can help you achieve the thickest and more satisfying erection for your partner.


R 565.00 R 799.00
R 345.00 R 499.00

It is one of the best products for men with erectile dysfunction and mid-sex performance issues. Fantasy X-tensions create an erectile that can go deep into the vagina and create ultimate orgasms for your partner. 

One of the most popular products from Fantasy X-tensions is known for girth gaining. It is a system that helps gain higher girth through a set of four sleeves made of Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR). It has a 3-inch sleeve on top and subsequent sleeves of 2-inch and 3-inches. You can stack these sleeves on your penis to increase the length by 33%. 

The ribbed sleeves allow that extra stimulation for your partner while your penis is penetrating the vagina. It will help maintain firm erections and extend all the fun. You can even use these sleeves as a ball cinch to prolong the ejaculations and reach that explosive climax.

Another exciting product is the Fantasy X-tensions Mega Extension Brown, which can help you gain 66% girth. It is a 2-inches mega extension from the Fantasy X-tensions. The toy fits like a second skin and provides a more realistic penis like experience on the top. It has life-like replication of the penis. 

The toy is easy to use, and you can even trim it for better customization. It has an inner diameter of 1.25 inches, making it a perfect fit. If you are looking for Fantasy X-tensions for your collection, then MySexShop offers a wide range of premium products at attractive South Africa prices.