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If you are in search of real looking dildos online, then you are in the right place!

What does every woman seek a phallus-shaped object that can take her to wild ride! Well, realistic dildos can do all that without the need of a real man! Get that real feel of a man when you masturbate with an ultra-realistic dildo! These lifelike dongs mimic the seductive looks and sensations of real penises. Realistic Dildos are the closest that you can get to the real thing!


ToyJoy Dildo 6 inch with Balls | Black
R 395.00 R 499.00
Basix Rubber Works 6" With Suction Cup | Pink
R 275.00 R 419.00
Basix Works 6.5" Dong | Purple
R 265.00 R 465.00
Basix 6.5" Dong with Suction Cup | Purple
R 365.00 R 599.00
King Cock | Plus Triple Threat | Nude | 6.5"
R 1,795.00 R 2,399.00
Slim Dillio 7" | Purple
R 299.00 R 465.00
King Cock | 7" Slide Skin Uncut | Tan
R 695.00 R 899.00
Come Closer 8.3" Realistic Silicone Dildo | Nude
R 895.00 R 1,199.00
King Cock | Vibrating Cock 7" With Balls | Nude
R 895.00 R 1,299.00
ToyJoy Dildo 7" with Balls | Nude
R 445.00 R 799.00
King Cock | Squirting Cock 8" with Balls | Nude
R 1,095.00 R 1,499.00
Basix Rubber Works 8" with suction cup | Clear
R 495.00 R 699.00
King Cock Chubby 9" | Tan
R 795.00 R 1,299.00
King Cock Chubby 10" Dildo | Nude
R 1,095.00 R 1,699.00
King Cock with Balls 10" | Black
R 1,095.00 R 1,499.00
Come Closer 12" Mega Dildo | Black
R 695.00 R 1,699.00
King Cock Chubby 9" | Brown
R 1,195.00 R 1,699.00
King Cock Chubby 9" | Black
R 1,195.00 R 1,699.00

Close your eyes and you could be handling the real thing. The realistic dildo was crafted to look and feel like a real penis with stimulating raised veins to take you all the way to orgasm after breathtaking sex. Some are even molded from real people's organs, including many of your favorite porn stars!

Have that Real:

Whether you want an ultimate orgasm or some tingling foreplay moments! Lifelike dildos are the real deal. When you think of realistic flexible dildos that can mimic a real-life penis, realistic dildos can be the toy, you were looking to play with. So, go for some realistic feel with the real dildos online.

What are they made of?

Realistic dildos come in all shapes and sizes, but, they are a look-alike to your real penis. To provide the same realistic flexible dildo feel, these dildos are made from soft materials like silicone and jelly. While some dildos are also made from glass and steel materials for a harder feel of the penis. Some realistic 

Some dildos are uniquely designed with a dual-layer, known as the dual layer realistic dildos that have a soft layer on the outer surface and a softcore inside to provide the same pleasure as that of a penis. looking dildos are designed through Cyberskin and UR3 that can replicate a human skin-like structure.


How to get real looking dildos online?

There are many such websites that provide you real dildos online, with different sizes and shapes. One of them is Mysexshop that has the reputation of providing top-rated realistic dildos that can get you the dildos of your dream!

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