Body Spray & Shimmer

Pheromones and bed sprays are common among people for sexual triggers. But, what does a pheromone mean? It is an ectohormone chemical that provokes animal instincts and helps attract other beasts of the same species. 


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That may be the scientific term, and it is, in fact, different from your normal hormone. But, most commonly, such sprays are known as sexual triggers! So, if you are thinking of buying a body spray and shimmer for your sexual sessions, here are some excellent products on MySexShop.

To begin with, you can always choose The Secret Seduction Elixir. It is a pheromone elixir spray for kin and hair. Mostly, women can use it to seduce their partner and ignite the spark of sexual behavior. 

The pheromone formula has natural ingredients like argan oil, panthenol, and coconut oil. It provides the skin and hair of the user with a beautiful shimmer. It offers other benefits like anti-fritz, reduces hair splits, and protection for colored hair. It also provides high volume to the hair.

Shiatsu- A Japanese brand, gives us the richness of natural oils and organic elements in their aphrodisiac spray. It works great for bed sheets, textiles, skin, and body. The bed and body spray offers a great sexual stimulus for your partner and even help moisturize the skin.

Strawberries are believed to be as Aphrodisiacs since ancient times. In ancient Rome, strawberries were a love fruit. It was used as a symbol to indicate sexual intent among partners. Coco Licious Strawberry Shimmer Body Bronzer uses the goodness of this love fruit with aloe. Imagine the organic blend of cocoa, strawberry, and aloe vera. It is a paraben-free bronzer with the capability to absorb extra skin moisture.

From the blend of organic oils to the greatness of love fruit, MySexShop is the perfect place to get all your body sprays and shimmers at attractive prices!