Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are all about fun and cute little favors that you want to enjoy in the long weekend ahead. But, what if you are to gift one for your friend’s bachelorette party? Even if you are a super crafty personal creating a simple favor may not be at the snap of your finger. So, why waste your precious time when you can buy one from the large collection of MySexShop’s bachelorette party favors collection!


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As one of your closest friends is deciding to finally choose the love of her life, you need to plan one last night of joy, fun, and amazing moments. Though planning a bachelorette party can’t be taken lightly as there are many factors to consider. First is whether your friend likes a wild night or a low-key bachelorette party. 

There are wild party favors like dueling dickies which look like a winker or balloon dildo that you can strap on for some fun. But, knowing your friend’s taste is important. The second factor that is essential to these parties is the location. Whether the party is at a hotel or at home makes a whole lot of difference. 

If the party is at a hotel you may want to go a little low-key. However, with the party at home, you can go a little wild by including dicky sipping straws that resemble a realistic penis shape at the top. It can be amazing and wild at the same time. Another great product from our collection is the pecker balloons that can seem inviting for a bachelorette party.  

MySexShop offers the best of bachelorette party favors across South Africa at affordable price.