Try the Autoblow masturbators collection for an oral sex experience that is out of this world. The toy that South Africa men have been waiting for is finally available.

There is no greater feeling than a mouthwatering blowjob for most men. Autoblow knows this and has spent hours creating a perfect, automated, hands-free blowjob sex toy for men. A masturbator that feels so real, you’d almost think its the real deal.

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Masturbation products for men 

Brian Sloan has both got men to talk about toys and to want to own toys. How to read about here.

Autoblow 2 is manufactured by Brian Sloan because he was tired of the usual masturbation products for men who were on the market at that time (2008). For women, there was plenty to choose from - both with vibrations, pulsating movements and much more. But men ... they had to do it themselves.

Brian Sloan would change that. The problem was just that Brian had no money. He had an idea of how it should be pasted but was flat as a freckle. But it didn't knock him out. He believed in his idea. And what do you do then? Brian Sloan launched his idea as so many other creative - but poor - entrepreneurs have done before him. By crowdfunding!

Autoblow 2 is made using crowdfunding. Brian Sloan simply invited potential users to invest in the product. In return, they could come up with suggestions for appearance, design, and functionality. The aim of the effort was, of course, to produce a perfect masturbation product that could give men the ultimate experience of a blowjob at the height of the real thing, but without necessarily having a woman involved.

Autoblow 2 is a blowjob on a machine for men 

The project was successful, but it took time. Autoblow 2 was conceived, designed, developed, adjusted and refined according to all the rules of art and the input of many male investors. And the interest was great. In fact, the interest in participating in this amazing project was so great that Brian and his co-developers collected $ 315,000 against the expected 50,000 during the crowdfunding period.

Only in the summer of 2014 Autoblow 2 came on the market. Six years after Brian Sloan had the idea. 6 years, it had taken the development of the technology behind Autoblow 2.

Autoblow 2 consists of an inner sleeve of rubber and a number of beads running up and down, thus stimulating his penis - without having to move his hand. It gives a feeling as close to the realistic blowjob as possible. Deep-throat and everything.

Autoblow 2+ 

Already in 2015, there was an upgraded version of Autoblow 2 - namely Autoblow 2+. It had a more powerful engine, an extra row of beads and was 33% tighter. And the feeling of a realistic blowjob got even better.

Furthermore, the inner sleeve can be obtained in several different sizes, so no matter how long the penis is or which circumference it has, a sleeve can be obtained that fits. Sleeves can also be purchased separately, so you can switch between different sizes without having to invest in two machines.

You can also get an Autoblow handle that makes it easier to handle the Autoblow 2 blowjob machine and gives you new applications.