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If you love the backdoor bliss of anal sex, buying a kit can be the best thing you can experience. The anal region has sensitive nerve endings that make it a great place to have ultimate pleasure. Even the tissue between the rectum and vagina is so thin that little anal pressure quickly stimulates the vagina on the front wall near the G-Spot. 

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Best Women Anal Kits in All Sizes

It makes that G-Spot stimulation plausible even through the anal path. It also targets the P-Spot, a walnut-sized gland inside the male pelvis between the bladder and rectum. But all this fun is possible only if you have the best first experience because the first impression of anal sex can mentally affect your next session. 

So, if you are a first time with anal sex, Women Anal Kit can be perfect for you. The kit comes with a silicone rocker probe to prime the anal entrance. The rocker’s tip has a tiny, round sphere with a smoother taper head swelling into a thicker body. It has proper support for deeper penetrations and good grip. 

Once you have the initial experience that will set you up to explore more such anal exercises, the next kit will help you gain more enhanced anal experience. The Calexotics Anal exerciser kit is made of 100% smooth silicone for that amazing anal sex each time you hit the internal walls. There are three different sized plugs for gradually exercising anal play and increase your confidence with safer usage. 

MySexShop offers a wide range of anal kits for Females that you can buy at attractive prices across South Africa.

When it comes to anal stimulation, it is important to start small and gradually increase in size. Therefore, we have assembled a selection of anal sets that are perfect for those who want to train anal pleasure.

The sets consist of plugs of different sizes, so you have the opportunity to get used to the feeling of having something in the back. Always remember to use a good anal lubricant with the products.

If you have any questions about the products, our customer service is ready to help you by phone and mail.