Accessories for Better Hygiene

Hygienic sex is the basis of a good relationship as you would like to have complete safety. Grooming is an essential part of your sexual preparedness. Take an example of the hair around your penis. If you are not grooming your hair around the penis, those stimulating masturbation sessions do not yield results, and even blowjobs are never happening. So, here are some of the best accessories from premium brands that you can try.

Bathmate On Point Trimmer

The Bathmate Trim shaver can help you with hygienic grooming and allow you to have the right hair length for maximum suction by your Bathmate hydro pump. Right hair length allows the device to correctly seal and offer that stimulation that you always seek for. The grooming kit also includes four guide comps that help the precision trimmer and a shaver that ensures precision during the trimming.

These four combs guide the trimmer while you are trimming down the hair with a unique design. Each comb has a specific size that offers a range of options, with length three being the most recommended by Bathmate for a perfect trim. 

The Bathmate Trim shaver’s usage is not limited to the hair around the penis, and you can use it on any other body part. It is also a USB rechargeable device for that uninterrupted experience and travel applications. 

The Bathmate Trim shaver is recommended for Hydropump users, and another product that you must have is the Bathmate cleaning kit. It helps you keep your hydro pump clean and hygienic. Get the best of hygienic accessories from our premium collection at attractive prices across South Africa. 

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