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10 Reasons To Shop At My Sex Shop

 Discreet packaging                        

My Sex Shop is setting the industry benchmark with happy return-customers.

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Whether you are looking for the latest vibrator or new to the world of adult toys, we are here to assist you!

Our products are shipped directly from our warehouse and you can rest assured your package will be on time and discreet, every time!

  • SA’s most trusted online sex shop in Africa, SSL secure e-commerce shopping
  • Customers save time and money buying online from us with same day dispatch
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  • All brands are authentic directly import from the USA & UK
  • All products, accessories and lingerie are offered at prices up to 50% below RRP prices
  • Largest online authentic brand and product selection in Africa
  • Professional and personal advice for selecting a quality product and free gift wrapping service
  • Free delivery to your door by courier or discreet postal service
  • Online Parcel Tracking
  • 30-day money back guarantee & best price guarantee

10 Important Things You Should Know About Sex

  1.  Having sex relieves headaches. Every time you make love, it releases the tension in the veins of the brain
  2. Sex is a natural antihistamine, It helps to fight against asthma and spring allergies
  3. Making love is a spectacular beauty treatment. Scientists have discovered that when a woman has sex, it produces a large amount of estrogen that gives shine and softness to hair & skin
  4. Make love often strengthens the muscles of the male and female body
  5. Lovemaking can burn all the calories you have accumulated during the romantic dinner before bedtime
  6. Sex is a divine remedy for depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, creating a state of euphoria and leaving women and men with the feeling of being unique and complete and desired
  7. Sex is like a tranquilizer and muscle relaxant, during sex the body produces a small number of endorphins, they are a thousand times stronger than Valium
  8. The sexually active body releases more pheromones, it gives you the X factor attention
  9. Kissing is an art which makes the cleaner teeth and saliva reduces the amount of acid that causes tooth decay. This prevention eliminates many teeth problems, in addition to offering a breath constantly renewed!
  10. Sex is your birthright, you were made to have sex as often as you desire, SEX and lovemaking are imprinted into your DNA
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