ZADO Leather Harness for Women

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Black leather ZADO Leather Harness with multiple buckling options, two metal ring details in the crotch designed for dildo insertion (not included).

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Product Information

ZADO Leather Harness for Women

The ZADO Leather Harness for Women features multiple buckling options. It has two metal ring details in the crotch – designed for dildo insertion. The Harness is made up of split leather and metal.

 The ZADO brand has built up a solid reputation in the fetish scene. They are well known for quality and extraordinary design.
The label stands for excitingly combined high-quality leather and steel finished BDSM clothing. They give their wearers the perfect second-skin-like snug fit. Thereby offering a tighter level of fetish excitement!

The Zado Leather Harness for Women is an extravagant, open chest one-piece. It has plenty of thin straps! Furthermore, it can be adjusted multiple times and has 3 securely integrated metal rings (inner 4.5 cm) attached to the straps in the crotch area.

These rings can be used to attach dildos or vibrators (3-4 cm) which should preferably have a base or thicker end.

*Please note, no dildo or vibrator is included in the delivery*

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