RAM Ultra Cocksweller | Cock Rings

RAM Ultra Cocksweller | Cock Rings

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Extreme clincher cockrings, choose to use 3 stacked up or only one ring for maximum pleasure.

Ultra Cocksweller - a set of three silicone cockrings. A variety of sizes allows you to find the most comfortable fit. A ribbed texture provides stimulation. The rings have a slight give for safety and comfort.

Set of Three:
Small - 1.5"
Medium - 1.75"
Large - 2"

How to use:
Place the ring at the base of the penis. Select the ring that offers the most comfortable tension. This will vary by person so try them all to see which feels best for you.

Add lubrication if the ring sticks to any pubic hair. Lubrication will also help in rolling it down the shaft of the penis.

Why to use:
The basic reason to use a cockring is to reduce blood and seminal fluid to the shaft of the penis to allow the male to last longer and delay ejaculation.

Some men wear a cockring under clothing to enhance their size appearance. This is common among dancers.

Remember the giggle factor! There is a learning curve when using any adult item. The first time you're using a new product, you're thinking about how to use it and adjusting angles, speed variations, and positions so you may not be in a relaxed state to achieve your desired effect.

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