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Tantric Soy Candle Strawberry

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Tasty lick-able Strawberry Tantric Soy Candle. Tantric Soy Candle Strawberry will help you reach new heights of intimacy.

Tantric Soy Candle Strawberry will help you reach new heights of intimacy with these very sensual, stress-busting, tension taming massage candles created with a blend of 100% natural ingredients.

Enjoy as a candle, massage oil, or moisturising lotion. Burns for a full 60 hours.

California Exotic Novelties Tantric Soy Candle Strawberry is a wonderful gift for your lover. This candle can be used to give fragrance to your home or deliver a moisturising massage to your partner. Let it burn and enjoy the sweet amber scent, then drip it onto your partner for a warming sensual massage. The included spoon makes dripping the hydrating balm easier and more accurate. Warm your heart and hers with this massage candle.

Tantric...The art of sensuality!

Heat up your intimate pleasures and reach new heights of intimacy with these outstanding products infused with nature’s own attractant, pheromones.

All products are made in the USA, with no animal testing.

The Tantric Soy Candle Strawberry weighs 170 g.

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