Super Rush Poppers 9ml
Super Rush Poppers 9ml

Super Rush Poppers 9ml

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Super Rush Poppers 9ml

Super Rush Poppers For enhancing and prolong orgasm.

Sniff it - till you find it pleasurable - you can use/sniff it the whole session of sex.
Keep it closed so you can use it again when needed. You can use it few times until you notice the smell is not strong enough.

The first effect of Rush, or any good poppers, is to totally relax the muscles in your body. But also, poppers cause vasodilation, or relaxation of blood vessels.

This brings that nice, warm sensation and causes large amounts of oxygen-bearing blood to rush through your brain, so giving you that special “rush.”

The increase in oxygen leads to a sudden intensification of positive emotions, and this increases one’s lust and lack of inhibition, encouraging a sense of raw animal sexuality. But there is more.

Super Rush Poppers make orgasms feel like they last longer. And some people say it makes their sexual organs feel massive.

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