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Rui Shen Oil Transparent 3ml

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Rui Shen Oil Transparent 3ml

Rui Shen Oil Delay Solution was developed to help men to improve their sexual Performance by reducing sensitivity; this helps men to perform longer; there will be a good improvement in mens performance.
Suitable for all men who suffer from premature ejaculation

Apply a thin layer of this oil on the gland one to two hours before, do not use more, just a thin layer will give you most satisfaction and a longer lasting, Rui Shen Oil decreases the sensitivity to allow slower arousal allowing for a longer sexual activity, combination of the herbal ingredients in Rui Shen Oil Delay solution stimulate men's sexual organ and having prolonged erection.

Try each time to find out the suitable application for yourself, we strongly recommend wash thoroughly before relationship.
After few minutes of application, you will experience a burning sensation, this should go away after some time, and this is the reason why you should always try a small thin layer first and wash thoroughly before relationship.


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