Oxballs Ballbender Black

Oxballs Ballbender Black

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The black Ballbender by Oxballs is the ultimate toy for pleasure seekers who love comfort and extended play. This ballstretcher gives you a pleasure-packed tug and also keeps your balls to the front, unlike most ballstretchers that push them to the back.

This ballstretcher also acts as a cockring, keeping you firmer for longer and intensifies your orgasm when it comes. This stretcher is made from platinum silicone and is super soft for maximum comfort. It is also easily handled in the heat of the moment. This ballstretcher also adds perfect bulk where it counts and looks incredible under gear. It can be used with a water, oil or silicone based lubricant and is easily cleaned with simple soap and water. This ballstretcher really amplifies your pleasure - adding extra sensation when you need it most. This toy is also available in green. It measures a total diameter of 2.25 inches and weighs 2.25 oz.

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