Fetish Lover's Fantasy Kit

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This lovers fantasy kit includes all the basics to fulfil your fetish fantasy!

Explore each others naughty side with this Fetish Lover's Fantasy Kit!

This bedroom bondage kit contains a pair of lockable metal handcuffs, a leather cat o'nine tails flogger whip and a blindfold. A perfect introduction to BDSM and sensory play, this fetish sex set has everything you need to spice up your bedroom fun.

This three-piece set offers you three bondage essentials to get your kinky sex games off to a flying start.

First pop the furry blindfold over your partners eyes, blocking out light and stopping them from seeing what's happening next.

Take the handcuffs and fasten your lover's wrists together behind their back or around a piece of furniture. Made from metal, they have the feel of authentic police handcuffs but are fitted with a safety catch for quick removal....not that your blindfolded lover will know it.

Once your lover is just where you want them, get to work teasing with that leather whip. Gently trail the tails along your partner's body and offer light flicks to land subtle hits on their fleshy parts.

A perfect enhancement to sex, this three-piece heightens senses and increases awareness for a more physically-pleasurable and mentally exciting sexual experience.

The Fetish Lover's Fantasy Kit includes:

  • Leather Whip
  • Metal Handcuffs with Keys
  • Free Satin Love Mask

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