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From the beautiful Entice collection of classy pleasure tools featuring chic designs with gorgeous rose gold accents, the Entice Passion Wheel is no exception in both form and functionality, heightening the erotic senses with its twenty-two point rotating pinwheel.

This self contained, perfectly manageable wheel exerts a prickly sensation when lightly rolled across the skin, becoming more intense as more pressure is applied. Working best when your mate has surrendered a sense, be it with a blindfold or bondage restraint, the Passion Wheel revolutionizes the sense of touch, especially on aroused skin. The body-safe Passion Wheel non-tarnishing and nickel free, cleaning best with toy cleaner and a damp wash cloth. Total length is 7.25" (18.5 cm).

The Passion Wheel is a Wartenberg wheel. A Wartenberg Wheel is a rotating wheel studded with sharp pins attached to a handle. It was originally invented by Dr. Robert Wartenberg and was used to test nerves and skin sensitivity. Today, however, it is very rarely used in medical settings, and has become more of a sex toy. The prickly wheel on this device can be rolled or dragged across the skin to create a number of different sensations, from tickling to prickly. It is most often used during sensation play.

A Wartenberg wheel can be used to create a number of different sensations depending on how its used. Lightly rolling or dragging the device across a sensitive erogenous zone can create a very light, tickling sensation. More pressure can create a slightly more painful, yet erotic, sensation. Be careful not to push too hard, as this can cause cuts, abrasions, punctures or bruising.


  • Have a safe word.
  • Agree how lightly the tickles and how hard the pain should be inflicted.
  • Use with other bondage equipment or fetish fantasy to enjoy the full sensation.
  • You can also combine it with our sexy nurses uniform or other clothing items from our fetish range.

Start sensory exploration with this luxury Entice Passion Wheel. Guaranteed to delivery toe curling experience.

  • Heavy-duty hardware

  • Non-tarnishing

  • Nickel-Free Alloy

  • Heavy-duty hardware

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