Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream
Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream
Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream
Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream

Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream

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Non-staining, blue desensitszing lubricant

To experience no pain and all the pleasure during anal play, there's the Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream. Anal Blu Anal-Ese cream from Nasstoys is specifically designed to ease the pain of anal penetration. 

Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream has the ability to numb because it contains Benzocaine which take away the sensitivity during anal sex.

This time-tested cream takes the sting out of anal, whether you’re having sex or just experimenting with toys!

It works by eliminating the top two barriers to enjoyable anal sex – tense muscles and hyper-sensitive nerves. Benzocaine, the cream’s active ingredient, naturally relaxes your strong sphincter muscles and prevents them from tensing up all over again. At the same time, it dampens the sensitivity of your nerves. You’ll still feel everything; it just won’t be as intense. With those obstacles out of your way, you and your partner are completely free to experiment with anal penetration and sex.

Apply Anal-Ese by lightly rubbing a finger-tip sized dab in and around your partner’s sphincter ring. The cream starts working within 5-10 minutes. Start off slowly with some gentle teasing before inserting a finger or two to see how your partner responds. They might need another application if they’re more sensitive than average. Enjoy this waiting time and use it to build up passion. Then gently test if the area is desensitised. You might need to apply another application if the area is more sensitive than average.

It is very important to wait those recommended minutes as you want to cream to desensitise the anus. If you start right away the desensitising cream will go on your penis, and you don't want to loose feeling there!

The Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream can be used along with other kinds of lubricants especially the water based counterparts.

Non-staining, blue desensitising lubricant.

  • European formula.
  • Handy travel size.
  • Non-staining, blue desensitising lubricant.
  • Assists in relaxation and performance.
  • Active ingredient is Benzocaine USP 7.5% with other ingredients such as glycerine, blue #1, flavour, Sodium Saccharin.
  • 1.5oz (43g)
  • 100% safe to use with condoms
  • Turns pain into pleasure

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