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Invest in a Rechargeable Vibrator for even longer staying power than battery run sex toys!

For plug and play action, check out this collection of gorgeous USB Rechargeable toys for women! These toys are simply plugged in and charged up; staying powerful for far longer than battery powered toys while cutting the hassle of staying stocked up with fresh batteries. For a better vibrating experience and better quality stimulation, opt for USB powered vibrators, bullets or balls from Amorous – SA’s Sexxxiest Online Store!

There’s nothing more frustrating than using a battery operated item and having the batteries stop working when you need them most! That’s why Amorous have selected only the best USB rechargeable sex toys from our suppliers over in the USA!

We have Waterproof ones too for bath or shower pleasure. Some have various speeds for clitoral vibrations and rotating shafts as well as reverse rotations.

Follow the instructions located in the descriptions to determine how to use, care for and store away your USB rechargeable toys!

Made from hygienic, nonporous silicone materials and best cleaned with a good toy cleaner to protect the smooth surfaces.

It is recommended to always use a quality lubricant for your comfort and satisfaction.