Shop ladies pumps on Amorous – SA’s Sexxxiest Online Store! Pussy pumps are amazing little toys that can bring a whole new element of fun to your sex life!

So, why use a pussy pump?

There are a few reasons. The main ones are the “looks” and “feel”. Some people are attracted to the swollen, plump appearance of the vulva. Others enjoy the sensations, both during and afterwards when the whole area feels more sensitive to the touch. Some are looking for a “tighter vagina” sensation and there are folks who get a kick out of using pussy pumps for BDSM play. (Causing or experiencing pain, feeling vulnerable, controlled or embarrassed) and for some it is simply just a turn on to try something new and unique.

How to do you use one?

There are a few things you can do before you even begin to use your pussy pump that may make your experience more enjoyable: Shave or wax your bikini line, where the cup will sit. It can help you to get a better seal if you are smooth and hair free. It is still possible to use a pump without reaching for the shears but the seal can be a little more temperamental. Buy a good lube. Running some lube around the edges of the cup, and onto your skin where the cup will sit, can really help you to get a better seal during use. Set aside plenty of time. A pussy pumping session generally takes time and patience. Especially if you are looking for that pumped look. How long it takes depends on the person and rushing it might cause discomfort and ruin your experience.

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