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We have an extensive range of Premium Ladies Vibrators.

But what is a vibrator? Dildo’s and dong’s are often used interchangeably as both are penis shaped objects. Both can be inserted into the vaginal or the anus but they’re not used for not clitoral stimulation. However, to be very specific, most dongs have balls and a base. If you add a vibrator into dildos/dongs, they become a vibrator! 

When you are solo you can do many things to stimulate your self. You can play a naughty movie, look at photos, you can massage yourself with a sensual oil, you can wear nipple clamps, and so on.

Battery Operated

A battery operated vibrator is typically a little less powerful than a rechargeable vibrator, it is also generally cheaper. A battery operated vibrator will typically need AAA or AA batteries, if you have one make sure you keep back up batteries. Otherwise you will be running round the house emptying your TV remote controls if you are feeling like a ride.

Real feal or Realistic Vibrators

At My Sex Shop we call these Real Feel Power. Get the feel of the real thing, but with added benefits! Choose from our range of Realistic Vibrating Dildos for your desired shape and size, all made in top quality materials with precise design features. Our Realistic vibrators may not be real Men, but they vibrate, and that’s a whole lot more fun! This is you BOC (boyfriend on call). 

USB Rechargable

Have you ever wanted a powerful vibrator with no cords and an endless supply of juice? Then rechargeable Vibrators are the sex toy for you. Come experience the best of both worlds with rechargeable vibrators.


Do you enjoy sex in the shower or the bath? Any size, shape or colour of vibrator – there’s sure to be a waterproof version out there to suit you! There are two types of water proof vibrators. One is waterproof meaning that it can get wet but it is not made to be submersible. Others, however, are made to be used in the water and have a special seal to keep it working even when submersed. 

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