What are Kegel Balls? How Do They Work in Tightening your Vagina?

Having a tight vagina is something most of us rarely think about – until something happens that makes us think about it!

This is where kegel and Ben-Wa balls come into play, two of the most popular workout equipment for women.

Perhaps we start to experience urinary incontinence after childbirth, or sex starts to feel different and less enjoyable.

Our partners might even bring it up. Often, we may feel frustrated, embarrassed, or limited by these issues, and may be at a loss for how to deal with them.

When we talk about vaginal tightening, what we’re really talking about is the strength and fitness of the the puboococcygeus (PC) muscle.

Physical trauma, like childbirth or vaginal surgery can affect the tone of the PC muscle, as can hormonal fluctuations, such as those brought on by the natural aging process.

The good news is that these muscles are under voluntary control, and much like your arms or abs, can be strengthened by good old fashioned exercise.

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Kegel Balls