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Many people shy away from the idea of anal sex. Maybe they think that only gay men enjoy anal sex and use anal sex toys. Maybe they’ve never considered the anus as an erotic area, or they feel it’s somehow icky. Or maybe they just have no idea how to actually do it. Whatever the case, rest assured that anyone – that means whether they’re straight, gay, men, women or couples – can enjoy anal sex. All you need is the desire to do it. In fact, anal sex can be a wonderful way to spice things up in the bedroom. In fact, those who practice this sex act will tell that you that it feels great … at least once you get past your initial reservations. Why? This area of the body is rich with sensory nerve endings and pleasure points, which can lead to incredible orgasms.

Welcome to the world of anal – and ladies wands – this is your backstage pass to pleasure. Our collection of anal toys has been designed to suit the needs of everyone from booty beginners to anal aficionados. With everything you need from start to finish from booty bathing douches to tapered butt plugs in a range of sizes you can be pleasured at your own pace. From thai love beads to vibrating plugs, dildos and double penetrators – we have anal covered, come and explore!

Anal Wands / Dildos can be used as anal toys, but make sure that they have a wide base so that the toy doesn’t get lost! They are meant to move back and forth in the anus to achieve orgasm. Dildos can be used with a hand or a harness. (If using a harness make sure the dildo is at least six inches long and has a flared base so that it stays put in the harness ring.) Dildos come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, textures and colours. A small anal dildo for beginners is a called a wand.

Smoother dildos are best for anal play. For beginners, silicone dildos are recommended because they’re more flexible.