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Games for Couples

Shop a variety of sexy games for couples from erotic dice to fun card games and more to get the ultimate couple’s sex experience.

If your partner is not into couples sex toys, then our couples games might be exactly what you need to explore and spice up things in the red room.

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  • Sale!

    Kheper Games Lets Fool Around Multi

    R329.00 R145.00
  • Sale!

    Kheper Games Lucky Sex Dice Multi

    R239.00 R145.00
  • Sale! Let's F**k Card Game 3Let's F**k Card Game 2

    Lets F**k Card Game

    R299.00 R199.00
  • Sale! POS Memory gamePOS Memory game

    POS Memory game, features six special, spicy tasks for couples

    R299.00 R145.00
  • Sale! Erotic Glow In The Dark Dice

    Erotic Glow In The Dark Dice

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    R179.00 R89.00
  • Sale! SEX Card GameSEX Card Game

    SEX Card Game

    R199.00 R99.00
  • Sale! Erotic Dice Glow-In-The-Dark

    Erotic Dice Glow-In-The-Dark

    R150.00 R80.00
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  • Sale! Strip PokerStrip Poker

    Strip Poker

    R349.00 R199.00
  • Sale! Pillow TalkPillow Talk

    Pillow Talk

    R349.00 R199.00
  • Sale! Entice Her!Entice Her!

    Entice Her!

    R349.00 R199.00
  • Sale! Entice Him!Entice Him!

    Entice Him!

    R349.00 R199.00
  • Sale! Intimate Dares GameIntimate Dares Game

    Intimate Dares Game

    R299.00 R145.00
  • Sale! Jacks and Jills GameJacks & Jills  Game

    Jacks & Jills Game

    R299.00 R145.00
  • Sale! Shane's World Sex Dice 101SHANES WORLD SEX DICE 101

    Shane’s World Sex Dice 101

    R199.00 R65.00