Be the talk of the next Mardi Gras party or masquerade ball with one of these hot fetish mask.

Each mask is crafted to be stylish, mysterious and seductive.

Use it to keep a feeling of discreet while you flirt from across a room.

Why masks?

The ability to hide yourself within a mask can be a huge turn on, allowing you to become a different person or to remove your identity altogether.

Masks can be transformative, whether a Dom or a sub.

For example, a sub may choose to wear a mask as it allows them to get in a more dehumanised headspace, or a Dom might wear one for the purposes of intimidation and becoming expressionless.

Wearing masks can be an incredibly powerful experience, no matter which role you favour.

Masks can also be used for the purpose of creating an entirely new persona, or allowing the one inside you to be revealed.

Guys into puppy play and superhero scenarios often refer to the changes in themselves that masks can bring out.

Masks can also create anonymity. When attending fetish events or parties, they can help guys get into head spaces and do things they may not be able to do if their face was uncovered.

Many guys love anonymous play, and masks are perfect for facilitating this.

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