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One of the first things to realise about adding or incorporating role-play into your bedroom is that we, as lovers and/or play partners, already play a role. The concept of playing a role that is other than the one you prescribe to in your daily life is a difficult one to trace. Given the personal nature of adding role-play to the bedroom or a play scene it is difficult to determine when it entered the bedroom arena. To clarify for this article I am referring to the act of playing a specific role for the purpose of sexual excitement and/or fetish or kink activities.

Role Play Safety

Another key thing to incorporate into your role-playing is a safe word. If you and your partner are choosing to act out a kidnap or rape fantasy it is very important to have a safe word that either of you can use at any time to break the scene. In these particular instances begging for your partner to stop may be a part of the scene so it is very important for it to be something neither of you would say.

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