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  • Sale!

    Wicked Sensual Care Awaken Stimulating Clitoral Gel Black 8.6ml

    R399.00 R295.00
  • Sale!

    Goodhead Kit For Her Multi

    R399.00 R295.00
  • Sale! Pipedream Toy CleanerPipedream Toy Cleaner 4 oz. (120ml)

    Pipedream Toy Cleaner

    R225.00 R145.00
  • Sale!

    Double 07 Passion Fruit, vaginal or anal smooth flavoured gel

    R189.00 R79.00
  • Sale! Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oil Gift SetHemp Seed Edible Massage Oil Gift Set

    Edible Massage Oil Gift Set, 3 x 60ml pure vegan sensual massages for sensitive skin.

    R499.00 R295.00
  • Sale! Rush Poppers

    Rush Poppers (9ml)

    R159.00 R119.00
  • Sale!

    Wet wOw Gentle O Clitoral Arousal Gel Transparent 15ml

    R399.00 R295.00
  • Sale! lubrimaxxx original lubricant Strawberrylubrimaxxx original lubricant Strawberry

    Edible Lubrimaxxx Plain Lubricant, compatible with all toys, condom and Latex safe

  • Sale! China Shrink Cream

    China Shrink Cream

    R255.00 R199.00
  • Sale!

    Lip Balm Skinny Dip, soft and kissable lips, coconut & avocado oil

    R119.00 R59.00
  • Sale! lubrimaxxx original lubricant Strawberry

    Lubrimaxxx Strawberry Lubricant

  • Sale! Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream

    Anal Blu Anal-Ese Large Desensitising Cream

    R299.00 R195.00
  • Sale! Placeholder


    R279.00 R185.00
  • Sale! Anal Eaze travel sizeAnal Eaze .5 oz.

    Anal Eaze Small

    R209.00 R130.00
  • Sale! amsterdam poppers 2amsterdam poppers 2

    Amsterdam Poppers, The Original Extra Powerful.

    R199.00 R159.00
  • Sale! edible massage oil cherry blossomedible massage oil cherry blossom

    Edible Massage Oil, pure vegan 60ml cherry blossom gluten & paraben free

    R289.00 R175.00