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Are stockings back in style? While the answer is obviously: Yes! Stockings are back in style, we reached out to celebrity stylists, bloggers and influencers on the topic. We also found photos of celebrities wearing stockings to prove the point that: not only are stockings in style, they are a must-have for every occasion.

Stockings never truly go out of style, they are a classic staple in any elegant woman’s wardrobe; many workplaces require you to cover your legs for proprietary reasons, and nude stockings do the trick nicely. I think every year we see new players on the market, reinventing this essential wardrobe accessory.

Stockings have been making a comeback. We have seen them paired under ripped jeans, under mini skirts and dresses, even peeking out above a pant’s waistline. They now come in so many patterns, textures, and colors. As seen on the spring 2017 runway, they were featured as “the most daring new trend” (Vogue) and I am sure we will see much more of them this spring and in coming seasons

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    Merry See Pink Special Zone Open Garter Suit

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    Dreams Transparent Pants Suit

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    Blackbella Stockings

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    Fishnet Garter Stockings

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    Kisselent Stockings

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    Garter Stockings, Tenderly decorated with floral motif

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    Merry See Tanga Open Breast, Bra-panty, Laceless Garter Socks & Braiding.

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    Cottelli Collection Sex Tights

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    Seamless Crochet Bodystocking

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